Pastor Myles Holmes
Myles Holmes is the owner of MylesHolmes.com. Since 2010, he has served as the co-lead pastor at Revive in Collinsville, IL along with his wife, Vaerie Holmes. He is a blessed husband, dad, grandad, faith coach, lover of people, and cultural and political commentator.

Pastor Holmes owns and operates popular Facebook page, including Battle of the Republic with over 100,000 followers and Trump & the Great America with more than two million followers. Prior to joining Revive, Pastor Holmes was the lead pastor of Niagara Worship Centre in Niagara Falls, Canada for 19 years where his 5 children were born.

The ministry work of Pastor Holmes and Valarie have taken them across Canada, the USA, the Carribean, Israel and China. Pastor Holmes is also a former TV host and news commentator at TCT Network. Television ministries have given him an audience around the world for more than 20 years with regular appearances on Daystar, TBN, Vision, Cornerstone and 5 years with a daily show on the TCT Network. He has authored four books and is unashamedly politically incorrect and Biblically truthful. He works to put a smile on the Face of GOD & give the devil a migraine everyday! Myles strives to be a holy terror to mediocrity, to get the hell out of people & the Heaven in.

Myles Holmes is a 5th generation Spirit-filled believer and a 4th generation preacher, who began traveling internationally in preaching ministry at the age of 15. Myles lives to minister a bold, encouraging Word, with humor, humility, and fiery enthusiasm! Myles and Valerie are the grateful parents of 5 married children, all serving God, with 5 grandchildren and another on the way!

MylesHolmes.com is exclusively funded by Myles, making the website an independent publication. The website, which was launched in March 2022, has never accepted outside funding. The website generates revenue through 3rd party advertising, such as Google ads, as well as membership subscriptions, which are optional for readers. MylesHolmes.com is partnered with 3rd party advertising companies, such as VIP Ad Solutions LLC, RevContent LLC, and others. David Rufful, who works as a freelance writer at MyleHolmes.com, is an owner of VIP Ad Solutions LLC.

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