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For a long time, Democrats have pushed a false narrative about the events of January 6th.

Vice President Kamala Harris, who has achieved the lowest approval rating for any vice president in U.S. history at 28 percent, once compared January 6th to the attack on Pearl Harbor and the 9/11 terror attacks.

Years later, Attorney General Merrick Garland has continued to push this major lie by falsely claiming five police officers had died on January 6th.

Fox News Tucker Carlson exposed Garland on his program. In reality, the only person who died as a direct result of the events on January 6th was an unarmed Trump supporter and 14-year U.S. military veteran, Ashli Babbitt, who was shot and killed by police. Three others died of natural causes and one person died of a drug overdose.

Regarding Harris’ comparison, when militant Islamists hi-jacked planes on Sept. 11th, there were 2,977 fatalities and over 25,000 injuries. When 353 Japanese kamikaze planes attacked Pearl Harbor, 2,403 Americans were killed and 1,178 others were wounded.

Carlson explained, “Consider the death of police officer Brian Sicknick. Now we still don’t know exactly how officer Sicknick died. We’re not certain that anyone does know. No one has explained it. But after reviewing the previously withheld video evidence we can tell you with certainty that officer Sicknick was not beaten to death by Trump voters at the Capitol.”

“The tape shows very clearly Brian Sicknick walking through the building in apparently good health after the media told us for two years that he had been murdered,” Tucker said. A medical examiner concluded that officer Sicknick later died of natural causes.

“Those are lies,” Carlson said. “So why not just admit it and move on? But they won’t. In fact, this week, the White House trotted out both the press secretary and Joe Biden’s Attorney General, the Attorney General of the United States, to claim not just that Brian Sicknick was actually murdered by Republicans at the Capitol, but that other officers were murdered too. It’s almost beyond belief.”

“That’s just not some guy on Twitter. That’s the Attorney General of the United States. That’s a man whose honesty is central to his job. If you had a choice between IQ and integrity in an attorney general, of course you would go with integrity because it’s essential. But Joe Biden’s attorney general Merrick Garland is a liar.”

“He just lied about something that is provably false. Who are these five officers who were quote killed that day? Notice he didn’t tell you. No one ever tells you. No one ever shows you their autopsies,” he added.

“They don’t want any detail. They just want the slogan,” Tucker continued.

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“Now they’re counting Brian Sicknick. That’s a lie. But who are the other four? Well, those are four officers who killed themselves after January 6th. In some cases, long after January 6th. But their suicides, we know for a fact, were the result of the Republican mob at the Capitol. It’s just false. And it’s not some esoteric fact. That fact is available to anyone who has internet access.”

“No police officers died that day on January 6th. None. Not one. Some were assaulted, that is true, and their assaults are indefensible,” Carlson said.