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Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton says Democrats and President Joe Biden can expect to be indicted in the near future.

Democrats have recently weaponized the justice system in order to criminally indict President Donald Trump in a politically motivated attack.

“All bets are off,” Fitton said. “You can expect grand jury indictments of leftist politicians like Biden, [former House Speaker Nancy] Pelosi and [Senate Majority Leader Chuck] Schumer as surely as night follows day.”

“You can be sure that there are prosecutors across Florida and Texas right now who are looking for a state law hook into the Biden family,” he added. “And if they’re not, they’re not doing their jobs.”

Mike Davis, president of the Article III Project, said, “Republicans need to learn how to take off the gloves and put on the brass knuckles and break glass jaws — politically and legally, not physically.”

“If New York can turn a routine settlement of a business dispute seven years ago into a felony, I think our Republican AGs and DAs should get creative. Two wrongs don’t make it right, but it makes it even,” he said.

“Now the House GOP has to continue to investigate the Biden bribes and refer for indictments. Just the beginning of the end for the Bidens,” pollster John McLaughlin said, according to Rolling Stone.

“Biden was broke when he was a senator. He was broke when he left. And all of a sudden he’s very wealthy. It’s not because of his brilliance or his charm. How did he make that money?” Davis said.

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