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Ted Cruz interviewed on 'Hannity' via Fox News

Republican Senator Ted Cruz, who has argued nine cases in front of the Supreme Court as the former Solicitor General of Texas, laid out the case against President Joe Biden who faces bribery charges.

Cruz said that Biden should not only be impeached, but prosecuted and sent to prison if found guilty.

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Appearing on Fox News, Cruz said, “Legally, I see every single day the evidence is growing and growing and growing, and we’re also seeing — you just played a minute ago, Jake Tapper and Elizabeth Warren, neither the corporate media nor any congressional Democrat cares at all whether the president of the United States received millions of dollars of bribes from foreign nationals.”

“Even that little exchange there where Jake Tapper asked, well, gosh, you know, it was sort of influence peddling, and isn’t that bothersome? No, those are not the allegations, Jake. You’re a journalist, or you’re supposed to be,” he continued.

“The allegations are bribery, that it wasn’t just Hunter selling access. It was Hunter selling official favors from his father Joe Biden,” Cruz aaded.

“Let’s go to what that FD-1023 specifically says the FBI form, a confidential human source that had been reliable previously to the FBI came forward and said that the oligarch who owns Burisma paid $5 million to Hunter Biden and $5 million to Joe Biden in exchange for Joe Biden’s help getting rid of the prosecutor that was investigating Burisma and investigating that oligarch,” he said.

“Now, what is bribery?” Cruz continued. “The essence of a bribery is a quid pro quo. We remember from the first Trump impeachment. The media, Jake knows what a quid pro quo is. He talked about it incessantly when it concerned Donald Trump.”

“Quid pro quo is Latin for this, for that,” Cruz said. “Bribery is paying someone something of value in an exchange for an official favor.”

“Now, the quo we know happened because as you noted, Joe Biden has confessed to it in a video interview where he said he went to Ukraine. He held hostage a billion dollars in U.S. loan guarantees and demanded that the Ukrainian government fire the prosecutor that is investigating Burisma and investigating the oligarch.”

“We know the quo happened,” Cruz said. “The only question was, did the quid happen? Did they pay $10 million for him to do so?”

“If so, Joe Biden is guilty of bribery. Hunter is guilty of selling bribes, selling official favors from his father. And if that is the case, Joe Biden should be impeached. He should be removed from office. He should be prosecuted, and he should go to prison, and he should share a cell with Hunter for corrupting the government of the United States,” Cruz concluded.