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Andrea Mitchell interview Deputy Foreign Minister Carlos Fernandez via MSNBC

During an interview with MSNBC host Andrea Mitchell, Cuba’s Deputy Foreign Minister drew a comparison between Cuba and the United States’ handling of human rights issues.

“We have serious concerns about the respect of human rights in the United States,” Deputy Foreign Minister Carlos Fernandez de Cossio Dominguez said.

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“They only speak of prisoners in Cuba, they don’t speak of prisoners in the United States,” he continued. “Would be an issue that we could have a reciprocal conversation if it were the willingness of the United States.”

“We could speak of human rights between the two countries,” he added.

Reporter Alex Christy of Newsbusters notes how Mitchell “just sits there” without challenging Fernandez’s absurd comparison.

Over the years, critics say she has repeatedly refused to mention the many human rights offenses committed by the communist Cuban government and military.

The media watchdog group put together a list of instances when MSNBC’s Mitchell praise the Cuban regime. In 2017, she promoted a “pro-Cuban narrative” amid former President Donald Trump’s tightening travel and trade relations between the US and Cuba.

Mitchell asked, “Are there any other steps that you could take regarding elections or some of the concerns that they have raised — or do you think they have any willingness to lift these sanctions?”

After Fernandez answered no, she asked again, “Do you think that is because of — of politics here in the United States? Do you think that President Biden is not willing to take any steps at this time?”

Fernandez says “it seems so,” in response to Biden’s unwilling to lift sanctions.