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Donald Trump clashes with reporters at news conference | Sky News via YouTube

A grand jury in Fulton County, Georgia will reportedly meet this week to consider a dozen or more criminal charges against former President Donald Trump.

In Iowa, Trump told reporters he will never take a plea deal in Georgia. “Is there any chance you take a plea deal in Georgia?” a reporter is heard asking Trump.

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“We did nothing wrong,” Trump responded. “We don’t ever take a plea deal. We don’t take plea deals. It’s a wise guy question.”

“We don’t take plea deals because we did nothing wrong,” he added. “It’s called election interference.”

“Any time they file an indictment, we go way up in the polls,” Trump told a crowd in Montgomery, Ala in early August following his third indictment. “We need one more indictment to close out this election. One more indictment, and this election is closed out,” Trump said.

Critics say Democrats are pursuing politically motivated criminal indictments in order to cause election interference as Trump is the 2024 Republican Party frontrunner.

The possibility of charges in Georgia would be Trump’s fourth indictment.

Democrat District Attorney Fani Willis of Fulton County appears set on “moving forward with a grand jury presentation where she’s expected to seek charges against more than a dozen people stemming from her investigation into the efforts to overturn the 2020 election.”

Republican Geoff Duncan, former Georgia Lt. Governor, and independent journalist George Chidi have been called to testify as grand jury witnesses. Both appear to be political bias toward Democrats based on statements in the media.

Duncan claims Trump’s 2020 election activities in Georgia were “dangerous and pathetic.”

Georgia prosecutors claim Trump attempted to overturn his loss in the Peach State. They claim to have evidence connecting Trump’s team to a 2021 voting system breach.