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Several leftist European Union lawmakers are alleged to have received bribes totaling up to €4 million from Islamic nations like Morocco, Mauritania, and Qatar in exchange for using their influence within the EU Parliament.

Leaked documents revealed detailed spreadsheet accounts of their activities, including seeking visa-free travel for Qatari nationals and modifying resolutions to benefit the Islamic nations.

Police have made arrests in connection with the suspected bribery scheme, and there are concerns about the extent of such nefarious influence on parliamentary procedures. (Trending: Bombshell Email Uncovered Between Joe Biden And Hunter)

“It seems the scheme is a lot bigger than what we had so far learnt,” said German MEP Daniel Freund.

“It seems you can buy or at least influence certain decisions in the Parliament, or at the very least there are some former MEPs that try to make everybody believe that you can and are selling that as a product.”

Acting director of Transparency International EU, Nick Aiossa, stated, “These documents show us that this was a sustained, multiannual effort to nefariously influence parliamentary procedures… It happened over years with multiple people, and it wasn’t discovered.”

“So what else is out there?”

“The response by the Parliament has been weak, meagre and certainly doesn’t speak to the severity of the scandal that happened last December.”

The response from the Parliament has been criticized for being inadequate in addressing the severity of the scandal.

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