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Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas linked record numbers of people arriving at the southern border to a global surge in displaced individuals due to factors such as climate change, poverty, and authoritarianism.

Mayorkas emphasized that the issue of displaced people is a global challenge, affecting regions worldwide, and is a frequent topic in international discussions.

He highlighted the impact of climate change, poverty, and increasing authoritarianism as root causes of the displacement of people globally. (Trending: Sports Icon Dies Suddenly At 56)

Willie Geist asked, “As you know, Mr. Secretary, Border Patrol, in the month of December, processed more migrants entering the United States illegally than any month in the history of that agency. Why is that happening? How do you explain it?”

“So, we are seeing the greatest number of displaced people, not only at our southern border, not only in the Western Hemisphere, but across the globe,” replied Mayorkas.

“I am involved in bilateral and multilateral meetings with my counterparts from foreign countries in Europe, in Asia, in the Indo-Pacific, all over the world. And migration, the challenge of displaced people, is a subject that comes up in every single conversation. We have the effects of climate change, poverty, increasing level[s] of authoritarianism. There are very many challenges that are at the root cause of the displacement of people around the world,” he continued.

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