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Efforts to remove former President Donald Trump from the ballot, particularly in Colorado, are seen as election interference by Iowa Attorney General Brenna Bird.

She believes that these actions demonstrate the fear of the radical left towards Trump and emphasizes the importance of following democratic rules and allowing voters to choose their preferred candidate.

Bird also criticizes the legal arguments against Trump’s candidacy and calls for a quick resolution from the U.S. Supreme Court. (Trending: U.S. State Passes Personal Pronoun Ban)

“What Colorado is trying to do, what their Supreme Court did, is absolutely election interference,” Bird said.

“And it is just wrong when Americans can’t vote for the presidential candidate of their choice, and he’s the leading candidate on the Republican side.”

“They don’t want to face him in November, so they’re trying to do everything they can to get him off the ballot and to keep him busy just fighting legal battles to stay on the ballot,” she said.

“As attorney general, I enforce our laws and Constitution, and it is absolutely important in a democracy that the rules are followed and that people who have a right to be on the ballot are on the ballot so that voters can vote for them. That’s just, that’s basic, and it’s essential to the way that our system has to work,” Bird added.

“I will tell you that the Fourteenth Amendment has been around for over 150 years, and nobody has ever concocted something like this before. So I hope the U.S. Supreme Court will act quickly, decide it based under the actual laws and Constitution, and put this to rest once and for all,” she said, noting that if Biden desired to do what is honorable, he would “call for President Trump to be put on the ballot so that he can face off with him fair and square.”

“But he does not want to do that,” she said.

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