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U.S. District Court Judge Tanya Chutkan partially sided with Donald Trump, limiting special counsel Jack Smith’s actions in the election interference case.

Trump’s appeal regarding presidential immunity is ongoing.

Chutkan’s order prohibits further substantive pretrial motions without court permission, but she did not hold Smith’s prosecutors in contempt, citing the stay order’s terms.

“The court agrees … diligent defense counsel will need to conduct a preliminary review of each substantive motion the Government files in order to know whether they need to take further action. While that is not a major burden, it is a cognizable one,” Chutkan wrote.

“Accordingly, the court will adopt Defendant’s recommendation that the parties be forbidden from filing any further substantive pretrial motions without first seeking leave from the court.”

“Any such motion for leave to file shall state whether the proposed motion is ancillary to the pending appeal and so requires a timely response or other action before the mandate is returned,” she added.

“But staying the deadline for a filing is not the same thing as affirmatively prohibiting it. The basic function of a deadline is not to authorize a filing, but to time-limit it; correspondingly, the lifting of a deadline removes that time limit but does not necessarily bar the filing,” Chutkan wrote.

Trump’s spokesman praised the ruling, accusing Smith of harassment and political bias.

“The D.C. District Court has issued a strong rebuke of Deranged Jack Smith, prohibiting him from harassing President Trump with additional filings and compelling him to respect the stay order in the J6 case, as the appeal on executive immunity is pending before the appellate court,” Trump spokesman Steven Cheung said.

“Crooked Joe Biden and Deranged Jack Smith were playing games with the court docket to make political and inflammatory statements critical of President Trump, while trying to help Crooked Joe. That behavior was ordered to immediately cease,” he added.

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“After all, no prosecutor is above the law.”

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