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MSNBC host Joy Reid criticized Texas officials for securing the southern border, accusing them of attempting to “resist segregation.”

She claimed that Texas Governor Greg Abbott ordered the Texas National Guard to implement “draconian measures” and described state officials setting up buoys with buzz saws and passing legislation to make border crossing a state crime.

Reid also attacked Rep. Chip Roy, accusing Republicans of preferring to use the border crisis as a political talking point rather than working with Democrats to solve the problem.

“There is no better example of what MAGA World wants for the rest of America than Texas,” Reid said.

Texas officials had been “setting up buoys with buzz saws, barring federal agents from assisting with border control, and passing legislation that makes it a state crime to cross the border,” she said.

Rep. Chip Roy is “a member of a body and party that could actually do something about immigration … They just refuse to do it because many Republicans now see calling for zero tolerance on the border as the only way to animate their base,” she said.

Her comments align with the White House’s stance, where Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre has defended the Biden administration’s attempts to prevent Texas from securing its own border.