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Fulton County Prosecutor Fani Willis defended her top prosecutor, Nathan Wade, against allegations of corruption and an improper relationship.

This defense highlights their united front in prosecuting former President Donald Trump during an election year.

Willis wrote, “Your letter is simply a restatement of demands that you have made in past correspondence for access to evidence in a pending Georgia criminal prosecution.”

“As I said previously, your request implicates significant, well-recognized confidentiality interests related to an ongoing criminal matter,” she continued.

“Your request violates principles of separation of powers and federalism, as well as respect for the legal protections provided to attorney work product in ongoing litigation,” wrote the prosecutor.

“I refer to my previous responses to your inquiry for more detailed analysis,” concluded Willis.

House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jim Jordan launched a probe into Willis, accusing her of accepting funds from President Biden’s DOJ to finance Trump’s prosecution.

The Georgia State Senate has also approved a subpoena-powered investigation into Willis, adding to the pressure.

A judge has ordered Willis to respond to corruption accusations by February 2, and she and Wade are expected to be subpoenaed regarding their alleged affair during their case against Trump.

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