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via Jimmy Kimmel

Donald Trump reacted to reports that Jimmy Kimmel may be ending his late night talk show soon.

Kimmel had stated in an interview that his current contract, which has over two years remaining, could be his last.

Kimmel said, “I think this is my final contract. I hate to even say it, because everyone’s laughing at me now — each time I think that, and then it turns out to not be the case.”

He added, “I still have a little more than two years left on my contract, and that seems pretty good. That seems like enough.”

Trump celebrated the news on his Truth Social account, saying “good riddance” and that ABC could find a “far more talented person” to replace Kimmel for only 5% of the cost.

Trump wrote, “They could get a far more talented person, who would also get better Ratings, for 5% of what they are paying this Loser!”

Trump and Kimmel have a history of exchanging insults, as Kimmel has used his show to regularly mock and criticize Trump, both during and after his presidency.

Kimmel’s contempt for Trump is well known.

Trump implied Kimmel’s constant Trump bashing has led to declining ratings and loss of viewers.