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via Kathy Hochul

New York Governor Kathy Hochul proposed a $2.4 billion budget increase to address migrant needs, on top of $1.9 billion already spent, as the state deals with border crossers flocking to cities like New York.

While aiming to spur more housing construction to ease high rent prices, Hochul also proposed tax hikes.

“We still need an effective statewide approach to encourage new construction,” Hochul said.

“We saw in every other state that met the challenge of building more housing — it took decades. But I approach this crisis with a sense of urgency,” Hochul added.

Her budget has faced questions about transparency and a full accounting of costs, as commentators detailed extensive benefits provided to migrants, such as daily allowances for hotel rooms, meals, medical care, education, and other services, adding up to significant expenditures but without clear reporting on spending.