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The latest Harvard-Harris poll found that immigration, not inflation or the economy, was cited as the top issue facing the US by 36% of registered voters.

Immigration was particularly selected by Hispanics (41%), whites (39%), and those aged 25-34 (28%).

Additionally, 21% said immigration was the top personal issue, up 4 points.

Border security also emerged as the top issue for likely voters in battleground districts.

However, issues of immigration and inflation are closely tied, as Biden’s immigration policies have increased costs of living.

58% said Biden’s border policy was getting worse.

The poll indicated immigration is Biden’s biggest failure at 46%.

Even liberal outlets acknowledged Biden’s immigration policies hurt Democrats electorally.

Most saw the crisis was ignored until it impacted blue states.

However, Republicans risk only using it as a turnout issue without persuading swing voters or addressing corporate demands for foreign workers.

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