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via Sky News Australia

A Sky News host criticized an IDF spokesman for publishing a digital map of Gaza, suggesting it was unhelpful as Gazans allegedly lacked power for their phones.

The spokesperson refuted this, citing evidence of Gazans using phones to record events.

The host abruptly ended the interview. (Trending: Olympic Gold Medalist Sentenced For Jan 6)

Jonathan Samuels told IDF spokesman Doron Spielman before a commercial break, “Just wanted to ask you very quickly about that digital map. You’re telling people where is going to be targeted next. People don’t have power to power up their mobile phones; they haven’t got Wi-Fi.”

Spielman responded, “All of your viewers saw our hostages being paraded through the streets as they were released to Israel over those seven nights and hundreds of Gazans holding their phones videoing them.”

“So clearly, there’s enough power to power their phones when they’re parading our hostages throughout Gaza,” noted the spokesman.

“Now that same power to their phones will be to get the maps, download the maps, look at the flyers,” suggested Spielman.

“Major Spielman, I’m so sorry. We’re out of time,” interrupted Samuels, ending the interview.

Sky News has been criticized for their leniency on Hamas, some reporters have accused the outlet for contributing to institutional anti-semitism.

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